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Idées applicables à l'économie concrète

We have received a request to translate the site in English, it was actually entered by Marguerite in one of our idea boards, this is the link.

However, at this point in time, and being a small team of volunteers, we do not have the resources to translate the site into English. The problem is not the translation itself, it is rather managing the idea boards.

We have considered the idea, but we feel that if we do that, we should do it also in German, which is one of our three official languages and at that point it would become too much work for those among us who are managing the site.

However, we have in our team competences for many languages, so we have decided that for English (and German, Spanish, Italian and others) you can simply enter the idea in your language. As all ideas are to be reviewed before publication, when we will review it, we will do our best to translate it in French and Dutch, keeping the original text as it was entered. For what concerns the categories, please find here a little table that should help you to get you in the section you are looking for. Please notice that in order to insert an idea, to vote or to comment on one, it is necessary to be registered to the site.

English French Dutch
Public Transports Transports en commun Openbaar vervoer
Shops Magasins Winkels
Events Évènements Evenementen
Horeca* Horeca Horeca
Professions Professions libérales Ondernemers en vrije beroepen
Technical professions and industry Métiers techniques et industriels Technische beroepen en industrie
Others Autres Andere
What categories you can use to enter your ideas

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, in general all activities related to Hospitality and food services.